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5 Sales Contest Ideas for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Companies

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Medical devices and Pharmaceutical sellers today are more driven than ever to close sales with aggressive outreach efforts and repeated contact with the customer. They face several challenges like ever-changing customer needs, constantly evolving technologies, and new advancements in curing various diseases. So it becomes extremely important for the leaders in these industries to motivate their staff to keep going despite the challenges.

This is where sales incentive programs help in keeping your reps motivated and at the same time reward good outcomes and behavior. So, create and establish a sales incentive program for your team and conduct various sales contests that will bring in the sportive spirit to the sales activities in your organization. Check out the contests that work well for the medical devices and pharmaceutical industry:

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1. Meet The Doctor Strange

Goal: Named after the famous Marvel movie, the goal of this contest is to encourage your reps to book more meetings with the doctors.

Duration: 3 weeks

Teams: Individual

Winners: The rep who books more meetings than everybody else in the team.

Prize: Cash bonus along with some cool and attractive Doctor Strange Merchandise

Contest Theme: Run the contest for 3 weeks and ask your reps to reach out to as many doctors as they can and book meetings with them during this contest period. Set a target– say that the reps need to book 10 or more meetings by the end of the contest period to win the contest. Have a live leaderboard to track their progress. Reward the winner with a huge bonus and doctor strange action figure for their desk.

2. Wall of Fame

Goal: This contest is really effective in motivating your reps to increase the sales of a certain new product that you have launched into the market (maybe a new medicine or a new medical device).

Duration: 3 months

Teams: You can conduct this contest either between individual reps or between teams

Winners: All the reps who hit or exceed the new product sales target

Prize: Put up the photos of the winners on the wall of fame.

Contest Theme: Create and dedicate a beautifully decorated wall to put up the photos of the winners of this contest. Announce this contest in advance to your reps and show them the wall of fame. This creates excitement amongst them about the contest.

Run the contest for 3 months and encourage all your reps to push the sales of the new product (you could choose “revenue generated selling the new product” or the “number of units of the new products sold” as a KPI for this contest). Track the progress of the contest in a live leaderboard. Put up the photos of the winners along with their names and designation on the wall of fame.

3. Customer’s Champ

Goal: This contest is suitable for medical device service reps. The goal of this contest is to encourage these service reps to give the best service to the customers.

Duration: One month

Teams: Individual

Winners: All the reps who get positive feedback from the customers consistently for one month.

Prize: Financial incentive (cash bonus)

Contest Theme: This contest is very useful to increase customer satisfaction. Run this contest for one month and encourage your reps to provide the best service of medical devices to the customers.

Give your reps an online feedback form and ask them to get the feedback of the customers once they finish servicing their medical devices. The customers then give their feedback about the quality of service. The rep that gets the most positive feedback by the end of the contest period wins the contest.

4. Win a Date with the MD

Goal: The goal of this contest is to encourage your reps to fill the pipeline

Duration: 3 months

Teams: Individual

Winners: The sales rep who generates the highest number of leads.

Prize: For some people, nothing is more rewarding than gaining knowledge. If you have such people in your team then this prize will be dearly appreciated by them.

Give the winner of this contest a chance to have a one-on-one session with the MD where they can ask any question and gain knowledge.

Contest Theme: Run this contest for 3 months and encourage your reps to race for generating leads. Use a leaderboard to keep track of their progress. The sales rep who wins (generates more leads) gets a chance to have a one-on-one session with the MD or go out for lunch with him to pick his brain.

5. Global Sales Contest

Goal: Have multiple offices across the globe? Perfect. This contest aims to get all your reps across various territories to work towards a common goal. Like, say you want to close the quarter strong then encourage your reps to bring in more revenue before the quarter ends. You can also extend this contest to any other organizational goals that you want to achieve.

Duration: 3 months (3 months before the quarter ends)

Teams: Team-based (Teams from different offices, on different continents)

Winners: The team that brings in the highest amount of revenue by the end of 3 months.

Prize: Cash bonus to all the employees of the winning branch, a victory cup, victory party, and bragging rights.

Contest Theme: Run this contest for 3 months and see which branch brings in the highest amount of revenue. Track the progress of the revenue generated from each branch on a live leaderboard. Throw a grand party to the winning branch, give them a victory cup that they can display in their office and give a bonus to all the employees of that branch.

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Published on Fri Jan 3 2020

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