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Cheat Sheet to run a Successful Sales Contest

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Every manager yearns for the perfect sales team full of highly motivated achievers with proactive collaboration and an unbreakable team spirit. Keeping your sales team engaged, uplifted, and inspired is often far trickier than teaching them what to say on a connect call or in a prospecting email.

A well-designed sales contest is one of the best tools in your arsenal to achieve that.

If you are looking to start a sales contest or want to improve the one that you are already running– check out our handy Cheat Sheet and follow the 6 best practices to run a successful sales contest.

Are you looking for a ready-made Sales Contest Template? Click here to design your own template for free, in just 3 clicks.

Read the full guide: The Secrets of Running a Successful Sales Contest

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Published on Sat Sep 7 2019

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