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How to Launch a Sales Contest

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Sales contests typically need:

  • KPIs against which the performances will be measured. Learn how to select KPIs

  • A Scoring system to measure the performance. Learn how to implement a scoring system

  • Teams or participants to compete in the contest. Learn how to create teams choose a leaderboard accordingly

  • A Tracking system to measure the performance. Learn how to track the results of the contest

  • Sales incentives to present to the winners. Check out the extensive list of creative sales incentives

But, there is one other thing that is very crucial for running a sales contest successfully. That is– an event to announce the contest launch. Having a contest launch event sparks the initial enthusiasm amongst the participants. You will also be able to:

  • Effectively communicate the ultimate goal of the contest

  • Explain what KPIs will be considered and measured for the contest

  • Explain the rules and regulations of the contest

  • Create enthusiasm by announcing the contest prizes for the winners

  • Take suggestions and feedback from the participants to improve the contest and make it relevant to them

There are several ways to effectively announce the launch of a sales contest. In this blog, we are going to shed light on different ways to announce the launch of the sales contests. Check them out:

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1. In-Person Event

An in-person event is the most effective way to launch a sales contest. This kind of event suits best for announcing the contest to a small group of people who are all in the same location.

Get everyone involved in the sales competition to one place, for half-a-day, and announce the launch. Put on a power-point presentation to provide all the details related to the contest. Explain your strategies and ideas of the contest. And, get instant inputs and feedback from everyone.

This type of face-to-face event provides you an opportunity to work with the participants and make it a success.

Pro Tip

Give an opportunity for the teams to select a name and a logo for themselves. This will get them excited. They will engage more with the contest. They can pick the team name and the team logo from an existing list or create them on their own.

2. Online Event

An online event is suitable for announcing the contest launch for the sales teams that are operating from different locations.

In such a situation, it is difficult to get all the teams under one roof. So, leverage technology and have a group skype call with all the sales teams participating in the sales contest.

Invite a special guest to announce the contest and talk about how excited he is about the contest. Have him explain all the aspects of the contest using a ppt presentation.

Also, take questions, feedback, and suggestions from everyone to improve the contest.

3. Have CEO as the Special Guest to Launch the Contest

This is a sure-shot way of firing-up the spirit of your sales team to race and achieve the contest’s goal.

Get the CEO of your organization or the country MD or sales head to announce the contest launch. Have him explain the ultimate goal of the contest and why it’s important for the progress of the company.

This way you are not just conveying the importance of the sales contest to your reps but you are also giving them the inspiration they need to chase the greater goal.

Pro Tip

If the CEO has to address various teams operating from different locations then use a digital platform to either live-stream his speech or send a recorded video to all the teams.

4. Announce it during one of your sales meetings

Your annual sales kickoff event or the regional or global sales meetings are a great place to announce sales contests.

This is the time when everyone in your organization is geared up for the big event. Everyone is really excited to discuss sales plans for the upcoming year or quarter.

Take this opportunity to announce the sales incentive programs that you are going to conduct throughout the year. Explain what you intend to achieve through each of those contests.

Pro Tip

Use our guide on planning and executing a perfectly engaging, entertaining and educating sales kickoff event

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Published on Mon Feb 17 2020

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