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Creative Employee Award Names for the Banking Sector

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How do you recognize the achievements of your bank staff? Probably by

  • Giving them bonus
  • Sponsoring their holidays
  • Or giving expensive gifts like smart gadgets, apparel, etc

While these things will definitely make them happy, what actually makes a lasting impact on them is an award that has a special title describing their achievement. Because an award is something that they can place on their desk to showcase their achievements to their colleagues. This encourages not just the achiever to achieve even more, but also encourages her peers to try to win these awards

But a simple “Employee of the month” award won’t do. You need to come up with some creative award names that will capture your employees’ attention and instill motivation in them to win those awards

In this blog post, we have listed down creative award names that are appropriate for the banking industry

1. The KYC Champion: This award goes to the person who is quick in procuring KYC details from the customers and keeping the customer records updated

2. Bancassurance Brigadier: This award goes to the person who sells the maximum number of life insurances to the customers

3. SIP Booster: Give this award to the person who sells the maximum number of SIPs (Systematic investment plan)

4. FD Finder: This award goes to that person in your branch who is an expert in getting more people to open their fixed deposit accounts with your bank branch.

5. Mr/ Ms. Perfect Timer: Give this to the person who strictly adheres to the TATs (Turn around time) for processing various customers’ requests

6. Super Achiever: Give this to the person to successfully brings all the loan defaulters to repay their installments

7. Master of Mortgages: Give this award to the person who succeeds in selling more number of mortgages

8. Team Rockstars: This award can be used when you organize a branch vs branch sales contest. Give this to the people of the branch who bring in the highest amount of profit in a quarter

9. Chief Closer: Give this to the employee who succeeds in bringing more number of credit card or loan defaulters to repay their installments

10. You’re a Gem: This award goes to the employee who succeeds in selling more number of credit cards than others in the branch

11. Hero of the branch: Give this to that rockstar in your branch who is extremely passionate about his work and has a good record of serving the customers well

12. Master Blaster: Named after the famous cricket Sachin Tendulkar, this award goes to the employees who bring in 100 customers to open their bank accounts with you.

13. Leadership award: This award goes to the employee who has leadership qualities and she is always the first one to take the lead to resolve any difficult situation.

14. Good Addition Award: Give this to the new hire in your bank who has turned out to be exceptionally good at work

15. Amazing Dedication: Give this to that employee who shows extraordinary dedication towards his work

16. Star Service: This title goes to the one who always provides extraordinary service to the customers

17. WOW Award: Give this to the person who is very quick and efficient in approving customers’ loan applications

18. Legendary Loaner: Give this to the person who is an expert in selling various types of loans

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Published on Sat Sep 18 2021

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