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On-the-spot training part-2: The Framework of On-the-spot Training

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Welcome to the second part of our on-the-spot training blog series. If you haven’t read the first part of this series yet, then we highly recommend that you read that first before reading this second part (as the first part explains the basics of on-the-spot training)

Now consider this scenario: Your senior sales management has bestowed you with the responsibility of organizing a 3-day training Bootcamp for a bunch of newly hired sales reps who are operating remotely. So, you plan to organize an on-the-spot remote training for them. How can you go about doing this?

Here is an example template that shows a detailed day-wise schedule of carrying out remote on-the-spot training for new hires. You can draw inspiration from this template and create your own training plan according to your training scenario and requirements.

On-the-spot training template

Day-1: Imparting basic information about your company, your industry, and the market

Session-1: Welcome and introductions: The trainer should kick off the first day of training with an exchange of warm introductions and casual talk. Here the trainer and the trainees should spend about 30 minutes,

  • Giving self-introductions
  • Talking about their hobbies
  • Talking about how they are holding up during the lockdown
  • What new skill have they learned during the lockdown etc

This kind of small talk helps in breaking the ice and getting everyone comfortable with each other

Session-2: Training overview: The trainer should give an overview of what all topics are going to be covered in the 3-day training program. Also, the trainer should take the learners through the schedule of the day-1 training.

Session-3: Introduction to the company: In this section, the trainer should,

  • Explain about your company
  • Give a quick overview of what your company does
  • Introduce the work culture of your company
  • Show them the stories/ interviews of some of your successful employees
    • How they have contributed to the company?
    • What makes them happy while working at your company?
    • And what makes them an integral part of your company’s family?

Quiz: Conduct a short quiz test with 5 questions to test the knowledge of everything that has been covered in the previous session. Give 5 points for each correct answer.

Opinion poll: Conduct an opinion poll and ask the trainees– what is their favorite aspect of your company and its work culture. Give 10 points for answering the opinion poll.

Session-4: Introduction to industry and market: In this session, the trainer should introduce the trainees to

  • Your industry
  • The market landscape
  • Your company’s influence in the market
  • Your customer segments
  • The compliances and policies that exist in your industry
  • And your competitors

This session helps the trainees to get an overview of the way your company operates

Quiz: Conduct a short quiz test of 5 questions to test the trainees’ understanding of the previous session. Assign 5 points for each correct answer.

Fun activity: Close day-1 of training by conducting a fun activity for the reps and assign 50 points to the winner. This fun activity will have them leave the day-1 of training with a sense of happiness and excitement for the day-2 training.

Reinforcement of day-1 training: After the day-1 training gets completed, it’s crucial for the trainees to receive reinforcements on what they have learned that day. So, send a few microlearning feeds reinforcing certain crucial points from the training. Conduct a quiz test to help the trainees recall crucial information that was imparted on day-1 of training.

Day-2: Products, solutions, and services training

Session:1- Product training: Day-2 training is all about getting your new hire sales reps familiar with your products and solutions. So, start off the day-2 by explaining

  • Each one of your products
  • Their features
  • Their functioning
  • And their benefits

Quiz: Next conduct a quiz test to gauge your trainees’ understanding of the products. Assign 5 points for each correct answer.

Opinion poll: Conduct an opinion poll and ask your trainees to vote for a product or product feature which according to them is most important for your company’s success. This helps you understand how the trainees view your products. Give 10 points for taking the opinion poll.

Session-2- Training on your customers: In this session, the trainer should explain about

  • Your key customer accounts and how they use your product
  • And various customer use cases where your product has helped significantly

Quiz: Conduct a short quiz test on what has been discussed in the previous session. Assign 5 points for each correct answer.

Fun activity: All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. So give a break from the training by conducting a fun activity/ a game here to boost the energy levels of your trainees. Assign 50 points to the one who wins in the game.

Session-3: In this session, impart knowledge on how to deliver a perfect product pitch

Role-play: Now that you have given guidelines on product pitching, conduct a role-play session for the trainees. Each one of your trainees should try and pitch any one of your products. Give instant appreciation and assign 100 points to the ones who perform well. And give feedback to the ones whose performance is not up to the mark so that they can improve.

Reinforcement of day-2 training: As discussed earlier, reinforce day-2 training by sending out microlearning feeds and quiz tests to help the reps recall what they have learned that day.

Day-3: Selling Skills

Session-1: Train on the sales process and sales cycle: The trainer should start the day 3 training with a session on your sales process and sales cycle. He should explain,

  • The process of generating leads
  • The process of qualifying leads
  • Various stages in the sales cycles
  • The journey of leads through the sales cycle etc

Quiz: Conduct a short quiz test with 5 questions on the concepts that you have discussed in the previous session. Assign 5 points for each correct answer.

Session-2: Train on sales methodology: Next, introduce your learners to the sales methodology that they should use to sell

Quiz: Conduct a short quiz on sales methodology. Give 5 points for each correct answer.

Fun Activity: Give a short break from the training here by conducting a fun activity/ game for the trainees. Assign 50 points to the winner of the game

Session-3: Train on sales closing techniques: In this session, train them on various sales closing techniques that they should use in various sales scenarios to close deals.

Role-play: Organize a role-play to get your reps to practice the sales closing skills that they have learned. Assign 100 points to the trainees who have given good performance in the role-play.

Reinforcement of day-3 training: Reinforce day-3 training by sending out microlearning feeds and quiz tests to help the reps to recall what they have learned that day.

Rewarding the Trainees

Remember we have assigned points to the trainees throughout the training for various activities that they have participated in. Like,

  • The quizzes
  • The opinion polls
  • Role-plays
  • Games etc

Now once the 3-day training comes to an end, calculates the total score of each trainee and

  • Reward the top 3 high scorers with amazon gift certificates and cash incentives
  • Reward the other trainees as well with amazon gift certificates

This rewarding system helps a great deal in building enthusiasm and excitement about the on-the-spot training amongst your reps

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Published on Sat Oct 9 2021

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