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On-the-spot training part-3: Benefits of adopting the on-the-spot training

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Welcome to the third part in the series of blogs on on-the-spot training. In case you haven’t read the first two parts, we recommend that you read (links provided below)

In this third part, we are going to look at some of the benefits that you get by adopting the on-the-spot training:

Benefits of on-the-spot training

1. Engages the learners effectively

On-the-spot training doesn’t just make the learners sit through a lengthy PowerPoint presentation for hours together. It doesn’t promote having just one-sided communication. It facilitates,

  • Two-way communication between the trainer and the trainees
  • Keeps the training sessions smaller and to the point
  • Focuses on imparting knowledge on not more than one topic in each session
  • Creates an enjoyable training environment by engaging the learners in some fun activities like pop-up quizzes, games, surveys, opinion polls, etc in between the training sessions

This way on-the-spot training keeps your learners engaged in the training sessions.

2. Drives self-motivation amongst the learners to learn

On-the-spot training environment facilitates a free, lively, and interactive learning environment where the learners are free to

  • Interact with their trainers and ask questions as and when they arise
  • Seek additional information on a specific topic
  • Practice different skills in a fun way with their peers and the trainer
  • Take tests and coaching to self-assess their knowledge and skills. And then make efforts to improve themselves

This sort of training environment drives self-motivation amongst the learners to

  • Attend these training sessions
  • Obtain as much knowledge as possible
  • And develop themselves as good professionals

3. Helps in building a strong team

On-the-spot training specifically helps a new batch of recruits to form good strong bonds amongst themselves in a very short span of time. This is because on-the-spot training gets them to * Network with each other * Discuss various training topics * Face tests and challenges together * And participate in a lot of fun activities together

This helps a great deal in strengthening the bond between them and as a result creating a stronger team.

4. Reinforces knowledge

Research shows that the employees forget 75% of all the information that they have learned within 24 hours after their training. But on-the-spot training helps in cementing the information into your learners’ minds by regularly reinforcing crucial information through,

These help the learners to revisit and recall whatever they have learned on a regular basis and retain that information for a longer period of time

5. Helps the managers/ trainers to analyze the employee’s performance

Since on-the-spot training is completely run through digital platforms, it makes it very easy for the trainers to track the progress of each and every employee in their team. They can instantly get insights into each rep’s understanding of a particular topic and their knowledge and skill levels by analyzing,

  • Their performance in the quizzes
  • Their responses in the surveys and opinion polls
  • Their performance in role-plays and coaching assignments

These insights help the trainers to uncover any knowledge and skills gaps amongst their trainees and provide appropriate coaching to cover them

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Published on Sat Oct 9 2021

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