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Just like “Fine Craftsmanship”, there is something known as “Fine Salesmanship”. And a few legendary personalities have mastered this craft of salesmanship over the past few decades. If you ask me abo read more
Let’s travel back in time together. No, we won’t need a flux capacitor today. Just your organization’s 2020 sales enablement plan would be enough. Now open that plan and take a close look. Can you bel read more
Each and every goal that you set requires planning to achieve it. Without clearly defined steps, it can be very difficult to achieve your goals. Similarly, a lot of planning goes into sales as well. A read more
The priorities of the leadership of a lot of companies changed in the year 2020. The companies have started paying more attention to their sales enablement needs and this indeed paid them off pretty w read more
The year 2020 was a long one and it felt like we have lived a whole decade in just a year. It’s safe to say that 2020 was rich with events, all of which have had a significant impact on the business w read more
What is a Sales Environment? Sales environment is the culture, habitat, and camaraderie you cultivate for your sales team. It encompasses The way you physically organize your sales floor The emotion read more
Who are Channel Partners? When your business needs additional channels of sales to Support existing Or enter new markets Or improve sales outcomes then you employ channel partners to fulfill thos read more
There was a time when virtual sales kick-off events were just beginning to find feet in the corporate events. Many organizations were slowly adopting this new trend. They were augmenting their in-pers read more
You know how important a sales coaching program is for your organizational success. You have done a lot of research and decided on the business scenarios where you are going to use coaching to improve read more
77% of the learning is forgotten within 6 days if it’s not reinforced When it comes to retaining information in the memory, our brain has a strict use it or lose it policy. So, it’s natural for your r read more