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LTEN Annual Conference Event Details 📅 Date: 10th June 2024- 13th June 2024 🏠 Booth No.: 218 📍Location: Kissimmee Florida The LTEN Annual Conference is a premier event organized by LTEN, for life s read more
Launching a new product is a journey full of excitement and a touch of nerves. A culmination of countless brainstorming sessions, late-night work marathons, and endless cups of coffee. But the success read more
They say laughter is the best medicine. You’re sitting at your desk, drowning in a sea of spreadsheets and sales reports, when suddenly, a video pops up on your screen. Within moments, you find read more
Traditional sales training methods often fall short. They are limited in engaging learners and ensuring long-term knowledge retention. Classroom-style sessions, static presentations, and printed mater read more
Salespeople need hands-on experience. Reps grasp skills more effectively through practical engagement than passive listening. While exposing new hires to actual sales situations is ideal, the inherent read more
In the insurance industry, every sale counts, and every client interaction matters. Joining the insurance industry as a new hire can be exhilarating at times. From understanding complex policies to cl read more
"Communication is the fuel that drives the sales engine", - most often heard by sales reps during their training process. In sales, the ability to communicate effectively serves as a common trait for read more
Right now, as vaccination rates increase and pandemic restrictions are lifting in various places across the world, the business leaders are facing the new reality of leading a hybrid workforce. While read more
What is Always Be Closing (ABC) Always Be Closing is a common motivational phrase that encourages salespeople to be persistent and focus the bulk of their energy on seeking out new customers and closi read more
So you just got promoted to a sales manager’s role at your company or landed a new sales manager’s job at a new company. Firstly, hearty congratulations on that. Now you must be aware that a sales man read more