Blogs on Sales-Effectiveness

The fourth quarter is usually stressful for both the sales leaders and the front-line sales reps. Because This last quarter of the calendar year is the last opportunity for the sales folks to meet th read more
The word goal is a simple yet powerful word. It carries many different associations for different people. Some people have realistic goals, some have ambitious goals, some have fictitious ones and som read more
Open-ended sales questions are essential to succeed in sales. Why? Because they allow reps to, Get inside the heads of their prospects Uncover their pain points/needs Understand what’s important for read more
Currently, we are experiencing the “Great Reshuffle” of talent. A time when professionals across the globe are changing their jobs faster than ever before. According to LinkedIn’s data, over the last read more
With the second anniversary of the pandemic around the corner, it’s tempting to think, That we’ve gotten comfortable in the “new normal” And that the worst of the disruptions to the ways we live and read more
The health crisis that began in 2020 changed the way people viewed their work, possibly forever. As the employees around the world shifted away from their offices into their homes, they had a collecti read more
Nothing frustrates your sellers more than the situations where they invest good amount of time and energy in nurturing a prospect and then they end up not buying from you. We have all been in this sit read more
Whenever we think of karate, Bruce Lee is the first name that pops up in our heads naturally. As a kid, acquiring have been fascinated with Bruce Lee’s Karate movies like, Enter the dragon Fist of fu read more
The recent changes in the business landscape and economy due to the global pandemic have made a lot of companies re-think, re-evaluate and modify their compensation plans to meet the employee motivati read more
The sales department is the heart of any organization. This is quite obvious because sales teams bring in the fuel of sales that keeps businesses running. But if you take a close look at your sales te read more