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We often think of 2020 as the year that changed everything. But if we really think about it, 2020 was also the year when we have become more creative and innovative in the process of adapting to the c read more
Are you planning to expand take your business into new markets or new industries or new territories or new personas? You need to, Do a lot of analysis, Plan every detail Prepare an action plan And read more
Just like “Fine Craftsmanship”, there is something known as “Fine Salesmanship”. And a few legendary personalities have mastered this craft of salesmanship over the past few decades. If you ask me abo read more
We all love games. Be it indoor or outdoor, famous or not so famous, each one of us have our favorite game that fills us with excitement. You can leverage this fuss around the games to drive good busi read more
Rome wasn’t built in one day and the same applies to your sales reps. You cannot create sales experts out of them in a day or a week or a month. It takes time, a proper process, patience, hard work, a read more
As a sales manager, I’m sure you understand the important role that coaching plays in developing your salespeople into sales champions. You must have also been providing consistent coaching for your t read more
To improve in anything, you must first understand where you are excelling and where you are falling short. This mantra is especially true for your corporate training programs. Conducting post-training read more
Let’s travel back in time together. No, we won’t need a flux capacitor today. Just your organization’s 2020 sales enablement plan would be enough. Now open that plan and take a close look. Can you bel read more
Welcome to the second part of our sales enablement blog series. Before you proceed with this blog, we recommend that you first read the first part of this series: Sales Enablement Part-1: How Sales En read more
Each and every goal that you set requires planning to achieve it. Without clearly defined steps, it can be very difficult to achieve your goals. Similarly, a lot of planning goes into sales as well. A read more