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Creative Diwali-themed employee recognition award names for retail stores

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Retail stores and retail employees get extremely busy during the Diwali season. To make your retail staff’s work interesting and engaging during this busy season, you can gamify their sales activities.

However, it is this festive season when the true sales rockstars emerge and make your store’s Diwali sales highly successful. As a store manager, it’s your responsibility to provide appropriate recognition and rewards to your top performers. This would make them feel appreciated and happy in their workplace.

Since Diwali season calls for a Diwali touch in everything that we do, here are some creative and quirky employee recognition award names which you can use to make your store staff feel happy about their contributions during the Diwali season:

1. The Diwali Sensation: This award goes to the person who succeeds in selling more units of the Diwali promotional products than her peers

2. Champion of Diwali season: This award goes to the person who has given outstanding performance during the Diwali season

3. The Phuljari: Just like the Phuljari (sparkler) which emits sparkles consistently until the end, the receiver of this award also has consistently worked hard and produced great sales outcomes until the end of the Diwali sale season.

4. Chakri on the floor: Just like the way chakri (ground spinner) spins non-stop with high energy, the receiver of this award also has worked on the floor with contagious energy and dedication.

5. Rocket salesman/ saleswoman: Give this title to the employee who has skyrocketed the Diwali sales in your store

6. Sutli bomb: This one goes to the person who has sold the highest number of units of expensive products (high margin products) during the Diwali season

7. Chilli bomb: This award goes to the employee who has generated huge sales by selling low margin and high volume products

8. Ladi Bomb: Just like the ladi bomb which lasts longer, the receiver of this award has worked for longer hours during the Diwali season and made a lot of sales continuously, one after the other

9. Fireworks sell-through expert: Give this award to the person who successfully sells through the inventory of the fireworks products

10. The glow of Festivity: Give this award to that employee who has actively managed the store sales during the Diwali season

11. The Glorious Cashier: Give this award to the cashier in your store who effectively managed the billing counter during the busy Diwali season

12. Diya aur bati: Give this award to the best buddies in your store whose combined efforts have given huge sales success to the store

13. Diwali Delight: Give this award to all employees in the section which has won the sales per square foot competition

14. Golden/ Silver/ Bronze Diya: These awards are to be given to those stores which won the competition that is organized between your retail stores that are present in various locations.

  1. The store that comes in the first place by making the highest amount of sales during the Diwali season, wins the golden diya
  2. The store that comes second by making the second-highest amount of Diwali sales wins the silver diya
  3. Similarly, the store that comes in the third-place wins a bronze diya

15. Star of the season: This goes to the sales rep who won the hearts of the customers by serving them well

16. The soothing light: Give this award to that employee who showed excellent patience and negotiation skills in calming down the agitated customers

17. Profit ka Ujala: Give this award to that person who has brought in huge profits for the store

18. Dhamakedar entry: Give this to the new employee in your store who has outperformed your expectation by successfully selling during this busy season

19. Phenomenal Floor manager: If your store has multiple floors then each of those floors will have a manager. Give this award to that floor manager who did a job in managing her floor

20. Shandaar Diwali Sale: Give this award to the sales rep who has made significant upsells/ cross-sells to the customers

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Published on Sat Oct 30 2021

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