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Creative Employee Recognition Award Names for Retail

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Like every retail sales manager, you must be having sales gamification (sales contests) and sales incentive programs at the top of your mind when it comes to keeping your retail staff motivated to give their best.

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Now let’s say you have run some sales contests at your store and you have some contest winners. Or simply you have a few employees whose work-related habits and/ or behaviors are commendable. How do you plan to recognize and reward these people? Providing good recognition and rewards to your top performers helps in

  • Motivating them to continue their good work
  • Makes them feel recognized and respected for the efforts that they have put in
  • And sets a benchmark for the other employees and inspires them to reach there

In this blog, we have listed down some creative employee recognition award names which can be used to reward the best employees in your retail store.

Awards for the top performers during the seasonal offers

1. Chief Clearance Closer: Give this award goes to that employee in the store who succeeds in closing more sales during the clearance sale period than the others

2. Season’s sensation: Give this award to the employee who brings in the highest amount of sales during a seasonal offer period

3. Champion of the holiday season: This award goes to the employee who has made the highest amount of sales during the holiday season

Awards for providing exceptional customer Service

4. Diamond/ platinum service award: This award goes to the employees who provide exceptional service to the customers

5. Five-star honor: Give five-star honor to the employee who always gets a five-star rating from the customers for his/ her service and assistance to them

Awards for the new employees in the store

6. Dashing Debut award: Give this award to the new hire who succeeds in making the biggest sale in the first month of his job

7. Exceptional Hire: Give this to the new hire who you think is exceptionally talented

8. Budding Star: This award goes to that new hire who has the potential to reach greater heights in your company very soon

General retail awards

9. Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Sales Attainment: Give this award to the employee who is the first one to achieve his/ her quarterly/ yearly sales quota

10. Star of the department: Do you have different departments in your store like the apparel department, electronics department, groceries, etc? This award is for the managers of those departments. Present this award to the most efficient manager of a department.

11. Customer’s best friend: This award goes to that employee who befriends each and every customer who enters your store. They believe in assisting the customers in a friendly manner and developing a good bond with them. Your regular customers usually are a fan of this person and they often ask for him/her when they come to your store

12. Calmer of storms: This goes to the employee who is an expert in calming down the agitated customer

13. Consider it done award: The receiver of this award believes in getting the work done no matter how difficult it is

14. Alpha Arranger: Give this title to the employee who is an expert in arranging products in the store in a strategic manner so as to attract people to buy more (in bulk)

15. Super Squad: You can give out this award to the winners of the sales per square foot contest winner (click here and refer to sales contest no. 12). When people in a particular square foot area in your store succeed in generating more sales than the others then every employee operating in that area should receive this award

16. Mountain Mover: This award goes to the employee who has the capability to get the toughest of the tough tasks done

17. Chief Happiness Officer: This goes to the employee who receives the highest number of positive feedbacks from the customers

18. Phenomenal floor manager: If your store has multiple floors then each of those floors will have a manager. Give this award to that floor manager who does her job of managing the floor exceptionally well

19. Upsell/ Cross-sell Expert: This award goes to the employees who is an expert in upselling or cross-selling to the customers

20. Exceptional dedication award: This goes to the most dedicated employee

21. Bestower of energy: Give this award to those employees who bring contagious energy and hard-working spirit to the workplace and energize everybody around them.

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How will you communicate the contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Sat Sep 18 2021

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