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Employee Recognition Award names in the Senior Living Industry

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The life of the sales staff in the senior living industry isn’t easy. Unlike the sales reps of other industries, the sales reps of the senior living industry need to be patient and at the same motivated to acquire customers and drive up sales. In order to make sure that your communities are functioning properly, they put in a great deal of effort, expertise, and hard work. And when they do succeed in their endeavors or make small progress, you need to ensure that their contributions are recognized and rewarded properly.

So, here are some employee recognition award ideas that you can use to reward the sales staff of your top-performing communities

  1. Star of Community: Give this to your best community that consistently gives best performance and never disappoints you.
  2. Above and beyond: This one goes to the community that goes above and beyond to help its residents.
  3. The Touring Experts: This community has given the highest number of tours
  4. Master of Move-ins: This community has the highest number of move-ins
  5. The Mountain Mover: This award motivates your high-performing community to challenge their personal best. Announce that you would present this award to that community that has the highest jump in the tour to move-in ratio since last year.
  6. The Hard Working Titans: This award goes to the community that has risen very fast, which was performing not so well but is now pretty good
  7. Guardians of Community: Here, a discretionary prize can be given to the community who is not really at the top of the leaderboard, but the senior leaders feel that they have really put in their best effort
  8. Exceptional leadership: Give this award to that community that never fails to exhibit exceptional leadership skills and sets a good example for others to follow.
  9. Hall of fame: This goes to the team that has closed the highest number of clients
  10. Standing ovation: Give this award to the community that always has 100% occupancy
  11. Star of the month: Give this award every month to the community that outperforms all the other communities in bringing in new residents or generating highest amount of sales
  12. One mile down: Give this award to a newly started community whenever they achieve their targets or milestones for the first. For example, you can present this award

    • When they achieve 100% occupancy for the first time
    • Or when they generate x amount of sales for the first time
  13. Key contributor: This community is the greatest contributor to your overall organizational revenue

  14. Difference maker: This community has a unique way of working and they make all the difference that is required for the success of your organization

  15. The epitome of teamwork: This community has a closely-knit team and their combined team effort is the secret of their success

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Published on Mon Mar 21 2022

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