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Gamifying Hubspot

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About Hubspot

Hubspot CRM has emerged as one of the most crucial sales, marketing, and customer-relation management tool for many organizations in the modern day. Today, Hubspot’s employee management and reporting capabilities are helping organizations across the world to improve their overall organizational efficiency. While Hubspot CRM is a great tool, we believe that employing HubSpot alone won’t automatically instill the motivation and drive required to produce good sales results amongst your employees.

There is a need to give an external push to the employees in order to get them to properly use the Hubspot CRM and generate great results through it. To do this, you need to couple your Hubspot CRM with a gamification system. This helps to foster a sense of competition within the organization to drive better sales results.

What is a Gamification System?

Gamification refers to the application of game-design elements and specific mechanics to non-game situations. Gamification is no longer just a standard buzzword that is used in the educational sector. Many organizations are using it to gamify their employees’ work and learning activities and are witnessing positive results through it. Gamification has proven to improve employee engagement, motivation and develop a positive competitive environment in workplaces around the world.

Now, organizations need to invest a lot of time and effort if they have to manually gamify the activities of their employees. So, this is where gamification systems come into play. Gamification systems are technological tools that automate the process of gamifying various operations in an organization and automatically produce intuitive results of the game.

How to Gamify the Hubspot CRM?

Now that you know why the Hubspot CRM system and the gamification system are a perfect match, let us now explore how you can integrate the gamification system with Hubspot CRM, gamify the Hubspot CRM activities and produce extraordinary sales results.

1. Select a Perfect Gamification Platform

The first step towards gamifying your Hubspot is to select a gamification platform that seamlessly integrates with your Hubspot CRM and gamifies the sales KPIs. Make sure that it draws data from the CRM from time to time and uses that data to create contests, scorecards, and leaderboards.

So, look for a platform that has features like,

  • Easy CRM integration
  • Automated contests
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards page
  • Communication tools etc

2. Gamify Sales Activities in the CRM

Once you successfully integrate your Hubspot CRM with the gamification platform, it is time to start gamifying the sales activities or KPIs in the CRM for your reps.

Create contests around various important sales activities that get recorded in your CRM like,

  • Number calls done by the salespeople in a week
  • Number of product demos given by each rep in your team
  • Number of deals moved through the opportunity stage by each rep
  • The number of calls converted to closed deals etc

This way, when you gamify the KPIs in your CRM, you achieve two objectives

  • You evoke the competitiveness of your sales reps and motivate them to work towards completing their tasks and achieving business goals
  • You get the ability to closely monitor the progress of your employees in real-time

3. Assign points for wins

Create a points system in the game which assigns scores to the reps according to their achievements in the sales contests. For example, you can give points in the following way:

  • 10 points for each prospect entered into the sales cycle
  • 50 points for moving a stalled contact to a next stage in the sales pipeline
  • 100 points for closing a deal
  • 500 points for closing a deal of high value

4. Use Leaderboards

When it comes to stoking urgency, competition, and teamwork, the underlying psychology couldn’t be simpler: Salespeople, by and large, are Type A personalities that want to compete and win.

Leverage leaderboards to double up this competitive spirit of your reps by multiple folds. Leaderboards in the gamification system allows the sales reps and their managers to track the progress of the competition in real-time. This way the sales reps stay motivated to give their best all the time and try to surface at the top of the leaderboard. And the managers get the opportunity to keep a track of their reps’ progress, motivate the low performers and provide immediate coaching to bring them up to speed.

The important thing to note here is that you don’t have to manually update these leaderboards. As and when your sales reps update the CRM with their new wins, it automatically gets updated in the leaderboard in the gamification system.

5. Present Badges and Rewards to the Winners

Present badges, incentives, and rewards to the employees according to their achievements in the contest. For example, here is how you can present badges and rewards to the participants in a contest where they have to achieve a certain sales quota.

  • 30% of the quota achieved = Give a bronze badge and amazon gift certificate
  • 50% of the quote achieved = Give a silver badge and cash bonus
  • 90% of the quota achieved = Give a huge cash bonus

A gamification system pulls in the employee performance data from the CRM and displays the badges and the rewards that each rep has earned in real-time. This takes your employee motivation to a whole new level.

Benefits of Gamification

Let us now explore what benefits can you expect by gamifying your Hubspot CRM

High Level of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement plays a major role in how well an organization performs and showcases how well your employees dedicate themselves to their work. For an organization to grow properly, it needs to cultivate a culture that promotes employee engagement.

By gamifying your CRM you will be able to greatly amplify the engagement and motivation levels of your employees. Because gamification makes even the most menial organizational tasks more engaging for your employees.

After employing Gamification, you’ll notice a significant difference in overall employee engagement, especially if the gamification dashboard incorporates an effective way of tracking employee progress like a points system.

Easier Employee onboarding

Gamification of CRM makes it much easier for you to onboard your new employees and bring them up to speed quickly. The gamification dashboard provides them with easy access to all the tasks that they’re meant to perform and the importance of each particular task.

Through a gamified system, the new employees will also receive immediate feedback from their managers/ coaches. This way when they receive timely feedback, it improves their overall engagement levels with the organization and accelerates their progress.

Healthy Competition

For a business to thrive, there needs to be a healthy sense of competition among employees. Nothing too cutthroat cause that can contribute to a very toxic work environment, but some level of competition can greatly benefit an organization.

What most organizations struggle with is finding the right balance and creating a competitive environment that’s actually healthy. CRM gamification allows you to foster a positive competitive environment without pitting your employees against one another.

The Gamification system also facilitates interaction between the employees where they can compare each other’s profiles and seek tips on how to improve their performance in certain tasks.

Alignment with Business Goals

Another benefit of gamifying your CRM is that it becomes much easier to get your employees on board with your organizational goals. Instead of having to manually discuss organizational goals with employees, you can just integrate your crucial organizational goals from your CRM into the gamification dashboard so your employees can always work towards them!

Through Gamification, employees can also get a better idea of their overall contribution to the business goal. By being more in touch with their own contribution, they will be encouraged to work better and improve their overall productivity levels.

SmartWinnr: Hubspot Gamification tool

SmartWinnr is a sales gamification tool that is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Hubspot CRM. It is capable of automatically drawing data from the CRM. And it allows you to gamify various crucial sales activities for your team.

SmartWinnr app also provides intuitive leaderboards which help you and your team to track the progress of a contest in real-time. Also, your reps will be able to see the incentives, rewards, and badges that they earn in the contest. And the good news is that all this can be done through a single app.

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