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As a sales manager, do you believe that your sales reps have mastered the art of selling? Imagine this: one of your sales reps enters into a room for a sales meeting with a confident and charming pers read more
Sales Teams are virtual this year too. This means that the virtual sales kickoffs are going to be the flavor of this season as well. I’m sure the virtual kickoff looks and feels very different than th read more
Account Executives have a major role to play in maintaining the health of your sales pipeline, and as a result, improving your sales results. Your AEs shoulder the difficult job of, nurturing an accou read more
Wise and experienced sales managers know that the key to successful and profitable sales is a healthy sales pipeline. As a sales manager, you must be constantly striving to improve the efficiency and read more
At some point or the other we all wished that we had some extra hours in our day. But the truth is that we got only 24 hours (or 16 hours excluding the time we sleep) in a day and we need to learn to read more
A few years ago, Pokemon Go, a popular game amongst millennials, asked its users to go around and catch Pokemons. Whenever there was a wild pokemon nearby, the users’ phones would vibrate to alert the read more
With the second anniversary of the pandemic around the corner, it’s tempting to think, That we’ve gotten comfortable in the “new normal” And that the worst of the disruptions to the ways we live and read more
Currently, we are experiencing the “Great Reshuffle” of talent. A time when professionals across the globe are changing their jobs faster than ever before. According to LinkedIn’s data, over the last read more
Open-ended sales questions are essential to succeed in sales. Why? Because they allow reps to, Get inside the heads of their prospects Uncover their pain points/needs Understand what’s important for read more
The word goal is a simple yet powerful word. It carries many different associations for different people. Some people have realistic goals, some have ambitious goals, some have fictitious ones and som read more