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8 Sales Contests Ideas for New Hires in Insurance Industry

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In the insurance industry, every sale counts, and every client interaction matters. Joining the insurance industry as a new hire can be exhilarating at times. From understanding complex policies to client relationships, new hires face a myriad of challenges. The pressure to meet targets, adapt to new systems, and prove oneself can sometimes feel overwhelming too.

It’s crucial for organizations to find innovative ways to motivate and engage their new hires. Sales contests emerge as powerful tools to

  • drive performance,

  • foster teamwork, and

  • boost morale among new recruits.

In this blog we will explore how innovative sales contests can motivate and engage the new hires.

Outlining Clear Goals

Setting clear goals and expectations for new hires is paramount. These objectives not only provide a roadmap for success but also instill a sense of direction and purpose from day one. For new hires it is crucial for several reasons:

  • Clarity and Focus: Clear goals provide new hires with a roadmap, helping them understand what is expected of them and where they should focus their efforts.

  • Motivation: Having specific goals gives new hires something to strive for, increasing their motivation and commitment to succeed in their roles.

  • Measurable Performance: Clear goals make it easier to measure performance and track their progress. This enables managers to provide timely feedback and support as needed.

  • Alignment with Company Objectives: When new hires understand their individual goals, they are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and alignment with the organization.


Insurance products and services can be complex. Various policy options, coverage terms, and legal regulations. New hires may struggle to grasp these offerings, leading to confusion and uncertainty when communicating with clients. In short, the initial challenges can be-

  1. Industry Knowledge:The insurance industry is constantly evolving, with changes in regulations, market trends, and customer preferences. New hires may find it challenging to keep up with the latest industry developments and terminology.

  2. Handling Rejections: Rejection is a common part of the sales process. New hires may struggle to cope with setbacks and disappointments, such as losing a sale or facing objections from clients. Developing resilience and maintaining confidence in the face of rejection can be challenging.

  3. Sales Skills Development: Selling insurance requires strong communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills. New hires may lack experience in these areas and may need additional training and support to develop their sales abilities effectively.

Sales Contest Ideas for New Hires

We have till now read how setting a clear goal can help a new hire align with the organization. Sure, this has taken us back to our first day at the new job. Challenges are part of growth. In the frontline role of Sales, we can adopt innovative and fun ideas to train our new hires. This will motivate as well as give a platform to engage with one another.

Here are few Sales Contest Ideas for New Hires in the Insurance Industry-

1. Pitch Perfect Challenge

After providing new hires with training on products and effective selling techniques, hold a competition where each new hire delivers their best sales pitch to a panel of judges or their peers. The pitches can be recorded or presented live. Judges evaluate based on factors such as clarity, confidence, product knowledge, closing. The new hire with the highest score or most votes wins the prize.

Note: A senior sales rep can mentor or act like a pitch buddy. Read our sales contest ideas for experienced sales reps.

2. Insurance Trivia Tournament

A fun trivia contest focused on insurance-related knowledge and terminology. This can help new hires with important information, also fostering friendly competition among them.

For experienced reps, these can be a refresher if they opt in.

3. Speedy Starters Challenge

Set a target for the number of prospecting calls or emails new hires need to make within their first week. Offer a prize for the new hire who reaches or surpasses the target in the shortest time.

4. Policy Power Hour

Host a one-hour challenge where new hires compete to see who can generate the most leads or close the most sales within the designated time frame. Offer incentives or rewards for the top performers.

5. Referral Race

Encourage new hires to leverage their personal and professional networks by creating a referral contest. The new hire who generates the most referrals within a specified period wins a prize.

Pro Tip- To avoid overwhelming the sales reps, limit the number of pitch practices to not more than 3 in each coaching session.

6. Policy Puzzle Challenge

Create a contest where new hires must solve hypothetical insurance scenarios or case studies. This encourages critical thinking and helps familiarize them with various policy types and coverage options. The new hire with the most accurate and comprehensive solutions wins.

7. Coverage Carnival

Create a carnival-style event where new hires navigate through booths representing different types of insurance coverage (e.g., auto, home, life). At each booth, they must answer coverage-related questions or complete challenges. The new hire who successfully completes all booths in the shortest time wins a prize.

8. Claim Quest Adventure

Design a scavenger hunt-style activity where new hires must locate key information and resources related to claims processing, such as policy documents, claim forms, and contact information for adjusters. The first new hire to complete the quest wins a reward.

Benefits of a Sales Contest

Sales contests are more than just competitions. It is indeed a powerful tool for driving performances and sales success. They act as a catalyst for motivation giving a purpose of sense and direction to new hires. With platforms like SmartWinnr, insurance industries can create gamified contests and track performances on the leaderboard. Streamlining the sales process leads to increased efficiency.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up, a sales contest can play a pivotal role for new hires. Shaping their success in the insurance industry. They pave the way for long term growth and consistent skill development. With the right mix of creativity, strategy, and technology, insurance agencies can utilize the power of sales contests to

  1. Empower their new hires

  2. Drive performance excellence

  3. Deliver exceptional value to clients.

So, whether you are a fresh recruit or a seasoned professional in the insurance industry, you can always use this opportunity to learn and grow.

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Published on Thu Feb 29 2024

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