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17 Sales Contest Names for Pharma

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The world of pharmaceuticals is fast-paced and ever-changing.

On a daily basis, the pharmaceutical sales rep deals with challenges like:

  • Difficulty to get in touch with the HCPs and meet them

  • Get very less time to talk with doctors

  • Need to be up-to-date with the ever-evolving advancements in curing various diseases etc

To keep up, medical reps need to consistently maintain a high level of dedication and motivation at their job. In order to spark this motivation, you need to create a game-like work environment for them. An innovative way to do this is to conduct engaging sales contests.

You would have already put in hours to select the Pharma Sales Contests for your team. The next step is to give a catchy name for your contest.

General Pharma Sales Contests

1. Meet Doctor Strange: Named after the famous Marvel movie, the goal of this contest is to encourage your medical reps to meet more doctors.

2. Weekly Sweepstakes: Run this contest every week and encourage your reps to promote the sales of various products. Select one product each week and run the contest around promoting its sales. At the end of each week, select the top 3 reps who made more sales, as the winners.

3. Pass the Envelope: This is an interesting contest to onboard some of the most renowned doctors in the industry. To run this contest, take an envelope and insert paper slips with the contact details of various highly esteemed HCPs. Now, this envelope has to be passed around on the sales floor and all the sales reps have to pick one slip each. Then, they have to visit their assigned doctor and try to onboard them (convince them to prescribe your medicine). Reward all the reps who successfully onboard the doctors assigned to them.

4. DWR Dose: Focus this contest around getting your sales reps to log their work every day in DWR (daily work report).

5. HCP’s Champions: To flourish in Pharmaceutical sales, the sales reps need to maintain good relationships with the HCPs. So, run this as a quarterly or yearly contest and reward all the sales reps who have consistently earned excellent feedback/ remarks from the HCPs.

6. Gift of health: If you are running a discounted offer on your medicines, conduct this contest and encourage your reps to promote the offer. Set a revenue target for the reps to achieve. Reward all reps who meet the target.

7. The pursuit of prescriptions: This contest encourages your reps to collect prescriptions from the doctors who regularly prescribe your medicine.

8. New druggists in town: Run this contest for your new pharmaceutical sales reps for a period of 3 weeks during their new hire training. Encourage the new reps to go out there and close as many deals as they can during the contest period. Reward the top 3 reps who close more deals than the rest by the end of the contest.

9. Vaccine for little lives: Run this contest around driving up the sales of a new children’s vaccine.

10. Mission: Global Health: Have multiple sales teams across the globe? Run this as a quarterly contest between the sales teams from various territories. March them to increase the sales of all the products in their respective territories. The winner will be the territory that brings in the highest profit or sells more medicines by the end of the contest period.

11. The Pharma Wizards: This is a quiz competition that helps in improving your MRs’ product knowledge, market knowledge, competitor information, etc. Conduct short quiz tests every day and ask up to 5 questions. Your reps can answer these quizzes from their smartphones within just a few clicks. After one month, calculate each rep’s cumulative score from all the quizzes they have taken throughout the month. Reward the top 3 reps who have consistently scored the highest.

Contests Around Coverage

12. Catch-up Again: This contest encourages your sales reps to re-visit all the doctors who have rescheduled the meeting. Run this contest for one day. At the end of the day, reward the rep who covers more number of doctors from the rescheduled list.

13. DND (Do not Deviate): This contest encourages your reps to strictly follow the tour plan that they have been assigned to meet the doctors and medical stores.

14. Hello Doc: Run this as a daily contest and set targets for your MRs to visit a certain number of doctors each day.

15. Kings of Coverage: Use this contest to encourage your MRs to visit as many medical retail stores as they can in a particular area. By the end of the contest, whoever covers more stores, wins the competition.

Contests Around Detailing

16. Nailing Detailing: Usually, medical reps get about 2-3 minutes with the doctors. So, it’s crucial that they utilize this limited time and deliver effective detailing. This video coaching competition helps in perfecting their detailing skills. Conduct this contest every now and then. Encourage your MRs to record and upload videos detailing various products. These videos should then be reviewed by their managers and coaches. Whoever delivers the most effective detailing wins the competition.

17. Retailer Detailers: This contest focuses on improving the quality of retailers’ education. While detailing the medical store retailers, MRs need to bear in mind that they have little to no medical expertise. So, the reps need to simplify their product detailing for the retailers.

Conduct a video coaching competition around this. Ask your reps to deliver a simplified product detailing as much as they. The videos submitted by the reps will be reviewed by their managers and coaches. Whoever delivers simplest and easily understandable detailing wins the competition.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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