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Sales Contest names in Hindi

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You might have some extremely fascinating and highly engaging contest ideas that you want to implement for your team. But, a contest feels incomplete without a creative and relatable contest name. Because a name is the first thing that will catch the attention of your team and get them excited about the contest. And, in order to make a name instantly connect with your audience it needs to be in their language and has to carry the local swag. So bearing that in mind, we curated an extensive list of exciting contest names in Hindi. Check them out below:

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Sales Contest Names in Hindi

1. Ek Jazba: This contest name will be extremely motivating when you have to march your entire salesforce to achieve a common big goal like substantially increasing the revenue and meeting a major target before the year ends.

2. Nayi Avsar: This contest is best suited to encourage your reps to bring in new opportunities and fill the pipeline. This will be an individual contest. The rep who brings in more leads than others in the team wins the contest.

3. Badhe Chalo: This contest will give an opportunity for your reps to compete with their own past performance for personal bests. Choose key opportunities for each one of your reps to improve upon. Then, run this contest for one month and keep a track of your reps’ progress. The rep who shows substantial improvement on a given metric over his past performance wins this contest.

4. Badthi ka Naam Zindagi: This contest can be centered around either the professional growth of a rep or around the growth of your company. So you could use this contest to either encourage your reps to improve on a certain metric where they need improvement or you could encourage them to increase your annual revenue more than your competitor’s revenue.

5. Jo jeeta wahi Sikandar: In this contest, race your reps to make more calls to the leads and book more meetings with them. The rep who succeeds in booking more meetings than others, wins this contest.

6. Dridh Nishchay: Every industry has certain clients who are most desirable but are hard to get. This contest is suitable to encourage your reps to try as hard as they can and close a deal with those clients.

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7. Dar ke aage jeet hai: This contest name helps your reps to overcome their fear of cold calling. Run this contest and motivate your sales reps to cold call as many potential leads as they can in a day. The rep who comes at the top in converting leads, wins the contest.

8. Sales ki jung: This will be a good name for a territory-based sales contest. If you have a globally distributed salesforce then get the sales teams from all the territories to compete with each other to score more in a specific KPI like increasing the overall revenue of the company or closing the biggest deal.

9. Haari hui baazi jeeto: Conduct this contest to motivate your sales reps to reconnect with the old and lost opportunities and try to make a sale. The winners are all the reps who succeed in engaging a lost lead and moving them forward in the pipeline.

10. Diwali Dhamaka: Diwali is the time when everybody is in a festive mood. But Diwali is also the time when there is a high possibility of getting the largest sales (in terms of revenue). So take this opportunity to run a contest where you encourage all your reps to sell actively during Diwali and see which one of your sales reps bring in the largest Diwali sale.

11. Sattar Din: This contest is named after the famous dialogue “Sattar minute” from the movie “Chak de India”. Run this contest for 70 days and encourage all your reps to bring in more leads. The winner is the rep who brings in more leads than the others in the team by the end of the contest.

12. Chak de [Branch Name]: If you have various branches of your office across India and abroad then this contest is perfect for you. Run this contest around any metric of your choice and see which branch scores the highest. Throw a grand party for the winning branch and give them a badge that says “Chak de” along with the name of the sales rep on it.

13. Das Ka Dum: This contest name is taken from the famous game show “Das ka Dum”. If you have a large sales force then divide the entire salesforce into 10 member teams. Pick these 10 members randomly to make a team i.e. they need not be from the same team that they have been a part of. You can make everybody pick numbered chits from a glass bowl and all the reps who get the same number on the chit make a team. Now pick any goal that you want to achieve and have these 10 member teams compete with each other to achieve it. Each member of the winning team gets a huge cash price and take them all for a team lunch to a luxury restaurant.

This contest is very effective in imparting team spirit. Also, it makes your sales reps to have a connection and a good bond with various other people outside their team with whom they won’t be having much interaction usually.

14. Kaun Banega Sales Champion: This contest is named after the famous game show “Kaun Banega crorepati”. Basically, this is a 6 months contest where the sales rep who closes the highest number of deals becomes the sales champion and wins a huge cash incentive.

15 Kitne Aadmi The : This name is from the famous film– “Sholay”. It focuses on getting your sales reps to call potential customers in a given time span and filling the pipeline with as many leads as they can.

16. Sales wale reward le Jayenge: This name is inspired by the all-time classic Bollywood film “Dil wale Dulhaniya le Jayenge”. For this contest, announce the most attractive reward like Smart TV or MacBook. Now take the highest sales revenue that was achieved in the last contest as a target for this contest and ask your participants to beat this target. The rep who succeeds in achieving more than the target gets to take the attractive reward.

17. Manager Khush Hua: Perhaps one of the greatest villains in Bollywood’s history Mogambo has got the best catchphrase ever. Taken from the movie Mr. India, this will be a contest between the teams of two managers. You can pick any metric that has to be achieved by a team for this contest. The manager whose team wins this contest gets a huge financial incentive and the entire team along with the manager gets to go for a trip to an exotic location.

18. Picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost:- This contest is suitable for motivating your sales reps to reach out to the customers who have pending signups and get them to finish the signup. The winner will the rep who gets the highest number of customers to finish the signup.

19. Pushpa.. I hate defaulters: This gem of dialogue from Rajesh Khanna makes for a really good sales contest name. This contest is perfectly suited for banks. With this contest get your reps to reach out to the loan defaulters and try to collect the loan amount from them. The reps who successfully gets the money from more number of defaulters will win this contest.

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Published on Mon Jan 13 2020

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