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Credit Card Sales Contest Names

4 minutes read

Credit card sales is tough. It involves a lot of:

  • Cold calling

  • Rejections

  • Verifying documents

  • Processing applications

  • Supporting customers with their credit card related queries

You need to make sure that regardless of this tough process, your reps keep trying enthusiastically to win more sales.

An innovative way to do this is– by running engaging contests around credit card sales activities.

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Once you have a great contest idea, you have to implement it. Naming the contest becomes the 1st step. You need to give it a cool and catchy name.

Here is an extensive list of creative credit card sales contest names you can choose from

Contests to Drive General Credit Card KPIs

1. Referral Drive < Month Name or Quarter Name >: Conduct this contest and motivate your team to get as many referrals as they can during the contest period. By the end of the contest, the rep who earns the highest number of referrals wins the competition.

2. Dial for Dollars: Run this contest every day. Put two hours on the clock. Encourage your reps to call up the potential credit card leads. Award cash prize to the rep who brings in the highest number of conversions or follow up calls.

3. Global Sales Championship: Have a huge team from different regions? Run this as a quarterly contest between all the regions. Encourage the staff to increase the sales of the credit cards through the quarter. The region that sells the highest number of credit cards wins the contest.

4. Quota Buster: Divide your entire salesforce into teams. Run this as a quarterly contest between the teams. Set a credit card sales revenue quota that they need to achieve by the end of the quarter. The first team to hit or exceed the quota wins the competition.

5. Retention Squad: Some customers tend to close their credit card accounts after using it for some time. Focus this contest around retaining such customers. Reward all the reps who successfully persuade and retain the customers who were about to stop using your credit card.

6. Verify and Win: Run this contest every day and motivate your staff to complete verifying a certain number of credit card applications by the end of the day. Reward everyone who achieves the daily goal.

Contests to Train your Sales Reps

7. Contest Alley: Conduct a quiz contest once every week to improve your sales reps’ knowledge of various credit card products, related documentation, systems, and processes.

8. Pitch Perfect: This is a video coaching contest which you can conduct once every month to improve your reps’ conversation skills. Pick a unique topic each time and ask your reps to record their sales conversation. Like, ‘A particular customer says that he doesn’t need a credit card right now. How will you convince him to consider taking a credit card?’

The rep who talks most effectively on a given topic wins the competition.

9. Selling Bee: The name of this contest is a wordplay around “Spelling Bee”– the famous spelling competition. Conduct a quiz contest every week and focus it around improving your reps’ sales knowledge. Focus the quizzes on topics like:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Objection handling techniques
  • Sales methodologies
  • Best Closing techniques etc.

The top 3 reps with the highest score in the quiz win the contest.

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Contest on Coverage for your Field Sales Reps

10. Great Sales Race: Conduct this contest every day for your field sales reps. Assign a list of potential customers to each one of your reps. Encourage them to try and visit everyone on their list by the end of the day. At the end of each month, reward all the reps who have been consistent in covering all the customers on their list every day (with zero to minimum deviation).

Contests for Credit Card Customer Support

11. Five-Star Service: Run this as a monthly contest. At the end of each month, reward all the sales reps who have consistently provided excellent customer support. Like,

  • Providing timely and accurate solutions to credit card related issues
  • Tactfully handling customer complaints

Delivering Happiness: This contest revolves around improving the customer satisfaction rate. Run this as a monthly contest. At the end of each month, reward the rep who receives the highest number of positive feedbacks from the customers.

Prior to the contest launch, you need to communicate the contest effectively to your audience so as to create enthusiasm. Use our sales contest communication template to effectively announce your contest.
Want to present creative awards to your contest winners? Check out our article: Creative Employee Recognition Award names.
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Published on Mon Aug 17 2020

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