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February Sales Contest Names

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The first quarter of a year is very crucial for any business. Because a successful first quarter sets a good precedence for the upcoming quarters of a financial year. To ensure that your first quarter is successful, as a sales manager, you need to ensure that your reps give their best performance especially in the month of February. Since February has only 28 days, your reps need to actively utilize each and every day of this month to make their sales efforts successful. This makes it easy for them to meet their first-quarter sales targets.

The best way to get your reps to give their best performance in the month of February is by organizing some amazing sales contests. To help you with this, previously we have composed a blog on sales contest ideas for February. In this blog, however, we are going to help you with some amazing sales contest names which are going to make your February sales contests even more exciting and interesting for your sales reps:

1. Get up and get going : Organize this contest for those sales reps who couldn’t meet their sales quota in the last month (January). Encourage them to try harder this month and try to meet or exceed their targets this month. Reward everyone who successfully meets or exceeds their sales targets of February month.

2. Six weeks success: Organize this contest throughout the month of February and reward that person who consistently brings in good sales throughout the month.

3. The Super Goal: Organize this contest for the top performers in your team. Give a big sales goal for them to achieve by the end of the month. Reward the one who first achieves that super sales goal.

4. Got a date? Naming after the valentine’s day theme here, encourage your reps to book as many demos as they can with the clients. The who books more number of demos wins this contest.

5. Broadcast it: Organize this contest to encourage your reps to give as many product demos as they can to the clients. The one who gives more number of product demos than his peers wins the contest.

6. It’s miller’s time: This popular tagline makes for a good contest name. Put 2 hours on the clock every day and encourage your reps to call up as many leads as they can and try to enter them into the sales cycle. The rep who succeeds in bringing in more number of leads wins this contest.

7. Deal or no deal? Organize this contest throughout the February month and encourage your reps to compete with each other in closing more number of deals. The onw who closes more number of deals than his peers wins this contest.

8. Wake up snoozing deals: As the name suggests, the purpose of this contest is to get your reps to re-connect with some of the older contacts and try to re-engage them. The person who successfully gets the highest number of older contacts to re-engage with you wins this contest

9. Yummy Delight: Organize this contest on the 5th of February to celebrate world Nutella day. Encourage your reps to reach out to the existing customers and try to earn referrals from them. The rep who succeeds in earning the most number of referrals wins this contest

10. Happy New Year: This contest is to celebrate the Chinese new year. Organize this contest for your sales team in China and encourage them to progress the stalled contacts in the sales pipeline. Select the top 3 people who succeed in progressing more number of contacts along the pipeline and reward them with exciting new year gifts.

11. Race to the top: Organize this contest in the last one or two weeks of February month. Encourage your sales reps who are far behind in reaching their monthly sales targets to try harder to come closer to their targets.

12. Break a leg: Organize this contest for one month and encourage your reps to close a high-value deal. At the end of the month, the person who closes a deal that is of the highest value wins this contest.

13. Secret Love/ Secret Admirer: This is again a contest name with Valentine’s day theme. Here, encourage your reps to reach out to some of your most admired and desired clients and try to enter them into the sales cycle. Reward everyone who succeeds in bringing in at least one such client.

14. Forget me not: This is again a valentine’s day themed contest name. Here, encourage your reps to reach out to some of the older prospects who have not been touched recently and try to enter them into your sales cycle.

15. Clean it up: Run this contest to encourage your reps to clean up your CRM of the older opportunities. Ask them to update the status of those opportunities to “Closed Lost” or “Closed Won” (along with a reason for the status given)

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How will you communicate the contests that you organize to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Mon Feb 21 2022

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