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How to use SmartWinnr to Motivate your BDRs to Build your Sales Pipeline?

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Wise and experienced sales managers know that the key to successful and profitable sales is a healthy sales pipeline. As a sales manager, you must be constantly striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales pipeline. Perhaps you might be having a problem achieving consistency in your pipeline. Because usually, your BDR team does a great job in spurts.


  • One week they generate a very huge volume of leads
  • And the following week they generate the lowest volume of leads

This happens mainly due to

  • The lack of motivation in some members of the team
  • The lack of understanding of their sales pipeline goals for a month or quarter
  • And the inability of the managers to get visibility into each employee’s performance and whose performance is directly impacting your company’s sales pipeline

If this sounds familiar, you need a way to, motivate and engage your sales team in pipeline building and improve their visibility into their performance. One of the best ways to do this is to gamify your BDRs’ lead generation activities.

SmartWinnr’s gamified platform offers multiple features that will help you to

  • Motivate and engage your team in pipeline building
  • Understand whether your whole team is on track to meet their goals
  • And have visibility into how effective each individual team member is at meeting their goals

In this blog, we are going to explain how you can run an automated sales contest through SmartWinnr to start strengthening your pipeline

Contest to encourage your SDRs to build a strong sales pipeline

Salespeople are competitive by nature. In fact, it’s this competitiveness that makes them so good at what they do. You can leverage this competitive spirit and organize sales contests to encourage key behaviors that drive strong performance toward your sales pipeline goals.

We have one such contest idea which encourages your BDRs to go the extra mile and,

  • Increase their call volume
  • Fill the pipeline with potential leads
  • And build a healthy sales pipeline

We call this contest the “Call Till you Fall” contest. Here is how you can design this contest:

Goal: Set the goal for your SDRs to actively call the prospective clients and fill them as leads into the sales pipeline

Duration: One month

Points: Present 10 points per lead entered into the pipeline

How to run this contest? Organize this contest for one month and encourage your BDRs to call up the eligible prospects every day and try to fill the pipeline with new leads. Track their progress and achievements on a live leaderboard. At the end of the contest period, reward the top 3 reps who come at the top of the leaderboard with exciting incentives and rewards.

Intuitive SmartWinnr leaderboard to track the progress of the Contest

Now let’s say you have gone live with the contest mentioned above on your sales floor and your BDRs have started rigging up the prospective customers. One thing that would help in keeping your folks’ energy levels and motivation high throughout the contest is giving them the ability to track their own progress in the competition.

SmartWinnr is capable of pulling your pipeline data from your CRM system. Whether it is, SAP, or any in-house system or simple excel sheets, SmartWinnr will integrate seamlessly and consume the data. Create a contest in SmartWinnr in just 1 click, add your BDRs to it, create leaderboards and you’re all set to start the contest!

When your BDRs get to see, in real-time, how they are performing against their peers, it would motivate them to strive harder to beat their opponents in the game and surface at the top of the leaderboard.

SmartWinnr app provides an easy and intuitive real-time leaderboard for both the sales reps and their managers to track the performances from the competition. This leaderboard can be accessed from the SmartWinnr mobile app or web app which are shown below:

SmartWinnr’s Sales Contest Leaderboard


Tracking rewards in the SmartWinnr app

The most exciting part of these contests for your sales reps is the rewards that they earn by performing well in these contests. Because these contest rewards symbolize their efficiency at work and instill a sense of pride within them.

But wouldn’t this excitement increase by multiple folds if your sales reps could track the rewards that they earn instantly? The good news is that your sales reps can use the same SmartWinnr app to track the rewards that they earn in the competition. The rewards displayed in the app will get updated automatically as and when a rep earns new rewards. This kind of visibility helps in motivating your reps to work harder and earn more rewards.

Rewards in the SmartWinnr app:


Tracking the contest progress on a TV on the Sales Floor

Building a pipeline is an activity that requires a high amount of energy and motivation. Your BDRs on the sales floor need the drive to,

  • Call up eligible prospects one after the other without getting discouraged by the rejections

  • And maintain the positivity, energy, and passion while talking to the customers to impress them and convince them to consider your product or service

In short, this kind of pipeline-building contest requires you to set the right environment on your sales floor which is competitive and energy-inducing. We have got you covered with this too!

SmartWnnr’s Sales TV (which is a feature in the same SmartWinnr app) allows you to display the progress of each individual contest participant on a TV screen on your sales floor. By having the contest results right in front their eyes while working, your reps will get highly charged up to,

  • Give a tough competition to their peer
  • And try to beat each other’s scores on your sales floor
performance leaderboard

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How will you communicate the contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

Published on Tue Jan 18 2022

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