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Sales Contest Ideas for Time Management

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At some point or the other we all wished that we had some extra hours in our day. But the truth is that we got only 24 hours (or 16 hours excluding the time we sleep) in a day and we need to learn to make the most out it.

Sales professionals who deal with an extremely busy work schedule and multiple tasks at hand, often struggle to maintain their productivity. This is because too much of work leads to them getting overwhelmed. As a sales manager, you can encourage your reps to manage their time efficiently and get their work done by running these interesting contests.

1. Quick Closers

Goal: The goal here is to get your reps to focus on those prospects who are close to becoming paying customers

Duration: One month

Points: Award points in the following way:

  • 100 points for pursuing a high-quality lead
  • 200 points for closing a deal

How to run this contest? Let’s say it’s the last quarter of the financial year. And your reps have got to close deals faster than they usually do to meet the targets. At this point, you can organize this contest and encourage them to go after those leads that have a higher possibility of getting converted. Track the progress of each rep on a live leaderboard. At the end of the contest period, reward the one with the highest score.

2. The To-Do List

Goal To get your reps to plan their daily activities by creating to-do lists

Frequency: Every day

Points: 10 points per to-do list submitted

Winner: At the end of each month, the person who has consistently submitted his to-do list wins and receives an exciting gift

How to run this contest? Encourage your reps to create their to-do list every day in the morning listing down all the activities that they would be doing throughout the day along with the time allotted for each activity. Then they should submit that list to their managers. The managers can take a look at these to-do lists and suggest changes in their plans.

At the end of each month, reward all the reps who have consistently submitted their to-do lists every day without fail.

3. Cold Call Contest

Goal: To get your reps engaged in prospecting during the dry sales season

Frequency: Every day

Points: 20 points per lead brought in

How to run this contest? Organize this contest during the period when your sales is dry and engage your sales reps in cold calling the prospective customers. Encourage them to try to enter leads into the sales cycle. Award 20 points for each leads entered. At the end of each day, reward the person who brings in the highest number of leads.

4. The Best Work Routine

Goal: To inspire your reps to adopt the best work routine

Winner The rep whose work routine you find to be the most effective

Points: The winner gets 500 points

How to run this contest? Run this contest once every three months and ask your reps to submit a description of their daily routine– describing how well and creatively they manage their time and finish their tasks. Amongst the submissions, select the best routine which you find the most interesting and effective. Reward the rep whose routine is selected with exciting prizes and also share it with everyone else to inspire them to follow it as well

5. What have you learned today!

Goal: To encourage your reps to accommodate learning in their everyday work routine

Frequency: Every day

Winner: The person who has consistently spent some time every day learning new concepts and practicing skills related to their work

How to run this contest? Run this contest every day and encourage your reps to allot some time in their learning or practicing their work-related skills. At the end of each day, ask them to send a summary of

  • The time did they spend that day learning or practicing
  • And what have they learned or practiced

At the end of each month, reward all the reps who have been consistent in investing time in learning and improving themselves every day.

6. Do not delay the follow-ups

Goals: To get your sales reps to do timely follow-ups with the customers without delaying

Frequency: Every Month

Points: 50 points for every customer follow-up done at the right time

How to run this contest? Smaller and simpler tasks like– following up with a customer, Or sending a case study to the customer, are usually delayed by the sales reps. Because these are smaller tasks and sales reps think that they can get be pushed to a later time. But this only results in a huge stack of unfinished tasks.

So run this contest every month and encourage your reps not to delay the customer follow-ups and communications. Encourage them to finish all the follow-ups at the promised time. At the end of each month, reward all the reps who have been consistent in getting all the follow-ups done at the right time.

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How will you communicate the contests that you organize to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Tue Jan 18 2022

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