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Using SmartWinnr to maintain a Healthy Sales Pipeline

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Account Executives have a major role to play in maintaining the health of your sales pipeline, and as a result, improving your sales results. Your AEs shoulder the difficult job of, nurturing an account with utmost patience. And even after putting in a lot of effort to nurture an account, there is no guarantee that they will be able to close the deal with them.

So, as a sales manager, you have the responsibility of keeping them motivated to deliver their best at all times (through ups and downs). One of the best ways to do this is to gamify the sales activities of your account executives

SmartWinnr’s gamified platform offers multiple features that will help you to

  • Motivate and engage your AEs in the pipeline progression activities
  • Understand whether your whole team is on track to meet their goals
  • And have visibility into how effective each individual team member in your team is at meeting their goals

In this blog, we are going to explain how you can run an automated sales contest through SmartWinnr to encourage your account executives to keep your sales pipeline moving

Contest to encourage your account executives to progress contacts in the sales pipeline

Salespeople are competitive by nature. In fact, it’s this competitiveness that makes them so good at what they do. Leverage this competitive spirit by organizing sales contests to encourage key behaviors that help in maintaining a smoothly flowing sales pipeline.

Below are two contest ideas that will motivate your account executives to nurture the contacts in the sales pipeline and progress them to the next stages in the sales cycle.

Get Ahead

Goal: To get your account executives to clean up stalled contacts or overdue opportunities from the pipeline

Duration: Three months

Points: Award points in the following way:

  • Award 5 points if a deal is moved to closed-lost
  • Award 10 points if a deal is moved forward to the next stage in the pipeline
  • Award 50 points for moving a stalled deal to Closed-Won

How to run this contest? Organize this contest for three months and encourage your account executives to try to clean up the stalled or overdue opportunities from the sales pipeline. Award points for every contact that is moved forward. Track the progress of the contest on a live leaderboard and at the end of the contest period reward the one with the highest score

Just Demo It!

Goal: To get your account executive to conduct as many meetings or demos with the prospective customers as they can in the given timeframe

Duration: 3 months

Points: 50 points per meeting or demo conducted

How to run this contest? Organize this contest for 3 months and ask your reps to conduct as many meetings/ demos as they can with the prospective customers. Track each individual’s progress on a live leaderboard. At the end of the contest period, reward the top 3 reps who comes at the top of the leaderboard by doing more number of meeting/ demos.

Tracking contest results on the SmartWinnr leaderboard

Once you go live with the contest on your sales floor the immediate challenge that you are going to face is the challenge of keeping your reps active and motivated to achieve their targets each and every day.

These 3 months-long contests are likely to get your contest participants disengaged and unmotivated eventually in the middle of the contest if they do not have visibility into their progress in these contests. This is where SmartWinnr comes in.

SmartWinnr app provides an easy and intuitive real-time leaderboard for both the sales reps and their managers to track the performances from the competitions. These leaderboards can be accessed from the SmartWinnr mobile app or web app which are shown below:


Tracking Rewards in the SmartWinnr App

What excites your contest participants the most about these sales contests is the rewards that they receive for their good performance in the contests.

You can increase this excitement of your folks by multiple folds by giving them the ability to track their rewards at every step during the contest. SmartWinnr app offers a functionality that updates the rewards of the reps as and when they earn them. This allows your reps to track their rewards through their mobile devices.

Rewards in the SmartWinnr app


Tracking the contest progress on a TV on your Sales Floor

Maintaining and improving the health of the sales pipeline requires your account executives to have a lot of patience and persistence. They need to be consistently making efforts to move contacts along the sales pipeline and close deals. In order to keep the fire of reaching targets alive within them throughout the contest period, you can display the progress of each individual contest participant on the TV screens on your sales floor.

With the SmartWnnr Sales TV (which is a feature in the same SmartWinnr app) you can display the progress of each individual contest participant on the TV screens on your sales floor. By having the contest results right in front of their eyes while working, your reps will get highly charged up to,

  • Give a tough competition to their peer
  • And try to beat each other’s scores on your sales floor

This creates an exciting game-like environment on your sales floor


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How will you communicate the contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

Published on Tue Jan 18 2022

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