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8 Sales Contests For October

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Finally, it's October. A month for Halloween and many special days. It’s also the beginning of Q4. As a sales manager, you want to keep your reps focused on achieving their targets. Short contests of 1 week help to keep the engagement high.

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Here are 8 sales contests which are designed to help your business in October :


Why has this game been chosen for October? International Halloween Day

Goal - To find new deals in 1 week.

Duration - 1 week

Rewards - Reward them with the Tickets to Theme parks, zoo, or aquarium. You can even arrange a Halloween party for the top winners.

Points - 10 points for every single deal.

Theme - Run a Halloween themed contest. Award points whenever they win a new deal. Calculate the total number of deals in the week, and announce winners.

2. Fish for leads

Why has this game been chosen for October? National Seafood Month

Goal - To find as many leads as they can, for 1 day.

Duration - 1 day

Rewards - Those who get the maximum number of deals, get dinner at the best seafood restaurant in town.

Points - 10 points per deal.

Theme - Show the number of points on a live leaderboard. The winner is the person at the top of the leaderboard, with the highest number of points. You can use a ‘Fish’-y theme! Reward the winners with a dinner at a beautiful seaside restaurant.

3. Sweetest Week

Why has this game been chosen for October? Sweetest Day.

Goal - To achieve the sales target announced at the beginning of the contest. For example, ‘Find 20 new leads this week’.

Duration - 1 week.

Rewards - Gift a special Candy Box.

Theme - Use a ‘candy’ theme that’s silly and exciting at the same time.

4. Driving For The Hole in One

Why has this game been chosen for October? International Golf Day

Goal - To close the maximum number of deals in 2 weeks.

Duration - 2 weeks.

Rewards - Take them to a golf club and offer a mini-golf game to the winner’s team.

Points - 20 points per deal

Theme - Use a golf theme. Calculate points based on achievements, and show all points on a live leaderboard.

5. The Cross-Sell Leads Standard

Why has this game been chosen for October? - World Standard Day

Goal - The goal of this contest is to get cross-sell leads. This will help to drive your cross-sales amongst your business units, thus increasing your overall sales.

Duration - 1 week.

Rewards - Reward the team with a pass to attend seminars and conferences that improve their selling skills.

Points - 10 points per cross-sell lead.

6. Motivate and Inspire

Why has this game been chosen for October? World Development Information Day.

Goal - The goal of this contest is to inspire all sales reps to give their best. It can be in capturing new leads, customer follow ups, or closing. The winner is the person whose performance is an inspiration to others.

Duration - 1 week.

Rewards - Make it an on-the-spot award. This is a recognition that the manager gives out.

7. The Diwali Sales Blast

Why has this game been chosen for October? Diwali

Goal - The goal is to increase sales velocity. This is specially relevant to the team that has challenges in closing sales deals faster.

Duration - Target the last 2 weeks of October.

Rewards - Dinner for the top 3 winners in an Indian restaurant

Points - 100 points for every 1% increase in sales velocity

8. Cappuccino Deals

Why has this game been chosen for October? - International Coffee Day.

Goal - Get the highest number of deals every day, for 1 week. Winners are declared everyday. Short games like this create a lot of enthusiasm

Duration - 1 week.

Rewards - Reward them with Starbucks Vouchers

Points - 10 points per deal.

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How will you communicate to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Sat Oct 10 2020

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