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19 Creative Retail Sales Contest Names

4 minutes read

The retail market is fast-paced and highly competitive. Retail employees consistently need to be on their toes and deal with

  • Busy sales seasons

  • Re-stocking products regularly

  • Pressure of meeting sales targets

An innovative way to keep the teams motivated is to conduct engaging sales contests in your store.

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Once you have finalized the contest, focus on the name. Here are some interesting contest names you can choose from.

Retail Sales Contests to Promote Seasonal Offers

1. The Spring Fling: This contest is suitable for apparel stores. Run this contest and motivate your staff to promote sales of the new spring collections

2. Summer Sizzler Contest: This contest encourages your staff to promote summer sales offers and discounts.

3. Clearance Close: Running a clearance sale? Conduct this contest and set a sales target for your employees to achieve during the clearance sale.

4. Holidays Sweepstakes: Run this contest around boosting the sales of various products during the holiday season.

Sales Contests For your Staff for Special Days

5. Black Friday Bonanza: This contest is for the busiest retail day– Black Friday. You can set different targets for different teams of shop floor sales reps, customer service reps. Device a points system and run the contest by teams.

6. Easter Egg Hunt: Focus this contest around getting your staff to promote the Easter sales offers and hunt for the largest sale of the day

7. Jingle All the Way: A contest to promote the sales of products that are on a special discount for Christmas.

8. Candy Stick Contest: This is a fun contest to promote the sales of various Christmas products like Christmas tree, decorative items, Santa costumes, etc. Start by handing over a candy stick to the first person who makes $20 worth from the sale of Christmas products. He keeps the candy stick until someone else makes $21. The stick gets passed on until the end of the day. The last person who ends up with the stick wins the competition and gets an exciting Christmas prize.

9. Big Diwali Blast: Diwali themed contest to promote the sales of the products that are on special discounts for Diwali.

10. Stuffing Sales: This contest represents the celebration of Thanksgiving. Run this contest to promote the Thanksgiving special offers in your store. The employee who sells the highest number of products,gets a turkey delivered to her house

11. Halloween Spooktacular: Focus this contest around boosting the sales or rentals of Halloween costumes and props.

Sales Contests for your Staff for Regular Times

12. Sales Per Square Foot: This contest is suitable for larger retail stores where each square foot in the store is occupied by one kind of product. Like:

  • One section for apparels

  • Another section for electronics etc.

Run this contest every month. At the end of each month, calculate the sales per square foot in the store. Reward all employees who work in the section with the highest sales.

13. Inventory Watchers: Run this contest around getting your staff to check the inventory regularly and restock.

14. Weekend Warriors: Conduct this contest to motivate your staff to work on weekends. Reward exciting prizes to all employees who have worked productively over weekends.

15. Raffle Corner: This contest motivates your employees to perform well and achieve their monthly targets. Start by setting measurable goals, like

  • Bring in a certain amount of sales

  • Get a certain number of positive reviews from the customers

  • Sell a certain number of units of a product etc

Every time your employees achieve their targets, give them raffle tickets. When the contest is over, raffle off the prizes and pick winners.

16. Mavens of Memberships: Focus this contest around motivating your staff on the floor to get more customers to sign up for your loyalty program.

17. Fantasy Retail League: If you have various stores across different locations, run this contest between these stores. Encourage your staff to increase the overall sales during the contest period. By the end of the contest, reward the store that achieves the highest sales.

18. Upsell and Prosper: This contest marches your retail staff to upsell to customers. The employee who makes the most significant upsell wins the contest.

19. Star Performer: Run this contest and motivate your staff to raise the sales of a newly launched product. The employee who succeeds in selling more units of the new product gets a “Star Performer” badge and a huge cash bonus.

Once your contest is set, communicate it effectively to your audience. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce the contest.

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Published on Wed Jul 15 2020

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