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Christmas-themed Retail Sales Team Names

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Are you planning to run sales contests in your retail store during this Christmas season? Make sure to add another layer of excitement to these contests by giving Christmas-themed names to the sales teams in your store.

You can set up a live leaderboard and display each team’s name and their progress on it. This is going to make Christmas even more exciting and enjoyable for your retail store staff.

1. Holly Jolly Heroes: Give this title to the group of people who are responsible for selling the Christmas promotional products

2. The Mistletoe Mavericks: These people have got a unique way of reaching sles success by spreading positivity and good vibes.

3. Sales Snowmen: This is a team of cool sales dudes who can easily impress any customer

4. Jolly Jugglers: These people are hardworkers and they can do multi-tasking with such an ease

5. Santa’s Helpers: Give this title to the team who are very loyal to their manager. They are ever-ready to execute any difficult task if commanded by their manager

6. Retailing Elves: This a team of newly hired sales reps who are performing exceptionally well during the Christmas season

7. Jingle Junkies: These people are experts in selling Christmas specific products in the store

8. The Polar Express: The speed at which these people make sales is unbelievable

9. Reindeers’ Rocking: This title goes to the team of people who are experts in smoothly handling any difficult sales situations

10. Jingle Jangles: These people are extremely active in the store and they bring back to back high-value sales.

11. Ho Ho Ho Heroes: These people are no less than Santa for your retail store. They consistently bring the gift of profit to your store

12. Hanukah Haus: Give this title to the team of senior sales reps who are experts in handling sales during these busy festive seasons and bringing in maximum profit during this time

13. Ice and Spice: Give this title to that team who are extremely sweet with customers but also aggressively pursue sales

14. Snow Angels: This is an all girls sales team. These people win extraordinary sales consistently.

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Published on Fri Dec 16 2022

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